Investment Case

Tortilla’s key strengths support the Group’s growth strategy

Product offering

Tortilla has developed a reputation in the market for its freshly-prepared, customisable, value-for-money product range of burritos, tacos, and salads, enabling us to appeal to a wide demographic.

Embraces fast-growing sector trends

Tortilla embraces many of the key trends that consumer demand is driving across the fast-casual and wider food industry, including healthy eating; freshness and high provenance; convenience – including eating out and delivery; and customisation.

Flexible site locations and formats

Our operating model works across a variety of site types, such as high streets, shopping centres, residential areas, cloud-kitchens, transport hubs and theme parks.

Scalable central infrastructure

Tortilla operates a 5,500 square foot CPU which provides a robust central kitchen infrastructure. This gives us cost advantages and the flexibility to increase the size of our estate, ensuring product and quality consistency across all sites.

Clearly defined-multi-channel marketing strategy

Our multi-channel marketing strategy, which includes partnerships, campaigns and collaborations, drives engagement and has allowed Tortilla to build and maintain a loyal and diverse customer base.

Strong leadership team and investment in people

Tortilla’s senior management team has demonstrated its ability to deliver strong and sustainable growth. Under the stewardship of an experienced Board of Directors, we are well placed to execute on the Company’s growth strategy and available opportunities.


Tortilla CEO Richard Morris and CFO Andy Naylor present to Investor Meet Company about the Group’s transformational FY21 results.