Our strategy

Tortilla has a clear strategy to grow the business primarily in the UK through the roll out of new sites, franchising opportunities, cloud kitchens and strategic partnerships.

UK roll-out

The primary objective of our growth strategy is to increase its UK presence, and over the next five years we are targeting the launch of circa 45 new sites.

This expansion will comprise ‘traditional’ sites, as well as smaller sites that support its delivery channel, and cloud kitchen sites.

Franchising opportunities

We partner with Select Service Partners Limited (“SSP Group”) and Eathos to franchise the Tortilla proposition in across UK transport hubs and in the UAE respectively.

With transport hubs becoming an increasingly important channel to access consumers, we will further expand our franchise model, supported by our Central Production Unit (“CPU”) and established operational infrastructure.

Cloud kitchens

The suitability of the Tortilla product offering for cloud kitchens, professional commercial kitchen used only to produce food for delivery, highlights the significant opportunity that exists to expand our delivery proposition.

We will continue to increase the number of cloud kitchens in residential areas across the UK as part of our expansion plans, allowing us to satisfy the growing consumer demand for delivery.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships with amusement parks, contract caterers, supermarkets, hotels, and cloud kitchen franchisees present an attractive expansion opportunity. This is supported by our existing CPU capacity as well as the ability to operate within smaller sites.

International opportunities

Tortilla is the largest fast-casual Mexican chain in the UK and Europe, and supported by the growing popularity of burritos and tacos worldwide there is an opportunity for us to establish a broader presence internationally. The opportunity of taking the brand into Europe will be reviewed by the Company in the mid to longer term.