Our story

Founded in October 2007, Tortilla is the UK’s largest fast-casual Mexican restaurant brand, offering a high-quality, affordable and freshly prepared California-style Mexican menu.

Tortilla was founded by Brandon and Jen Stephens in 2007 after they identified a gap in the UK market for a high-quality, fun and welcoming fast-casual Mexican restaurant that was reminiscent of the taquerias of their native San Francisco—the self-proclaimed burrito capital of the world.

Following a period of impressive growth, Tortilla launched its first digital offer in 2010 with online ordering.


In the decade since, Tortilla has grown to become the UK’s largest fast-casual Mexican brand and operates a multichannel order strategy that enables customers to enjoy its products across dine in, self-serve, take away, meal kit, click and collect and delivery options.

This is supported by more than 50 Tortilla restaurants across the UK, 10 sites in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, cloud kitchen estate and exclusive delivery partnership with Deliveroo.

While the brand has expanded to more than 50 sites and 700 employees globally, Tortilla’s 2007 mission of providing a fun, high-quality and affordable grab-and go lunch or late-night meal remains the same.

About Us

We are known for our high quality, fresh and customisable product range of burritos, tacos and salads.


What We Do

Tortilla makes and serves delicious, freshly prepared and customisable California-style Mexican food.